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Got questions? I just might have an answer!  I'll be adding here from time to time to try to assist customers and other inquiries alike:

Q: Why does the order only show shipping as an option? I wanted to pick up locally.

A: Shopify has a security feature to protect against fraudulent pick up orders by not allowing the following payment methods to be used for free local pick up because of the information being saved within the browser:

  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Paypal

Q: Why is your shipping $12 set? 

A: This is standard shipping I've set because the calculator wasn't working properly. Once you place an order, I will calculate the shipping and refund the difference of the label if it is under the cost of shipping. Most labels range under that amount for shipment depending on the amount of product you purchase and where it is being sent. 

Q: Why don't you ship outside of the U.S./Can I order and have the product shipped outside of the U.S.?

A: I am a licensed cosmetics business in the U.S. and bath bombs are regulated in most countries worldwide. Because I do not have a license or a right to conduct business in other countries *yet*, I only ship within the United States. Some countries like the United Kingdom require a specialized license and test for every product and every recipe that would be performed in person. There are a lot of rules!

Q: Do you do wholesale or private label offerings?

A: No. Each of my bath bombs and shower steamers are hand crafted and painted. Unfortunately this process does not allow me to make larger orders in a timely manner. 

Q: Do you have a storefront?

A: No. We normally sell online or in-person at the announced pop up events and farmer's markets in Salt Lake County, Utah. This allows us to keep prices low with less overhead. 

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: Yes. We are a fully licensed cosmetics business in the state of Utah in the United States and fully insured. 

Q: I have an allergy/medical, can you tell me what is in your bath bombs?

A: Absolutely! I am not medically trained and cannot provide medical advice or recommendations of my products based on medical conditions, but each bath bomb is labeled by FDA standards with the ingredients. I am adding those to each product offering online as I am able, but I'm always available to provide the Safety Data Sheet for the ingredients where available, FDA Batch numbers for dyes or colorants where available, and so on and so forth. If you have a condition and/or allergy, I always recommend that you discuss these ingredients and safety data sheets with your medical provider before use. 

Q: What's with all the keys?

A: I love skeleton keys. They were configured originally as master keys and basic mechanical pieces to open all doors and a majority of locks. I feel like self-care is essential and by taking care of yourself, you are opening the doors of possibility in your life. This may not be a bath bomb or shower steamer for everyone, but crafting bath bombs has become a way for me to care for my own mental health and mind to open doors of opportunity. I love sharing that imagery with everyone.

Q: Do you have bath bombs with surprises in them?

A: Many! I love adding rings, toys, necklaces, and all sorts of surprises. These cannot be left with children unattended or with children under the age of three, but there are a lot of options on my website. The rings in the bath bombs are largely size adjustable, so no matter the size of your finger, you can enjoy it.